for a laugh: happy Spiritual Independence Day

This is a little fun thing I did for the members of The Lasting Supper, but I thought I’d share it with you too. I had fun doing it. I hope you have fun watching it! Happy Spiritual Independence Day!

If you are interested in The Lasting Supper, I personally invite you to join.

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3 Replies to “for a laugh: happy Spiritual Independence Day”

  1. LOL – Love it. And I intend to enjoy a cold beer (or a few), a good cigar (or three), and a generous quantity of dead cow before the day is over.

  2. THAT was hilarious ! Very well done !!
    Although I am not a fan of the phrase “spiritual” and would just as well cut it up and throw it on my grill, but you give it a flavor that I may even be able to tolerate before cleansing by fire! 🙂
    Happy to you David (and your American wife, Lisa) — and to everyone learning not to just eat everything thrown at them.

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