Freebie Friday: book “God’s Grammar”

For Freebie Friday this week I’m giving away a book by my friend Mick Mooney, “God’s Grammar”.

This is what Mick says about the book:

Waking from a strange dream where God offered to teach him grammar, Sam is startled to discover God actually in his apartment, ready to start the lesson. While the grammar lesson begins at Sam’s kitchen table, inwardly an epic journey also takes place; a journey out of Sam’s inner Fortress and into the greater realm of his soul. God’s Grammar answers the question: What would you do if God walked into your living room? More than that, it is an epic journey from the depths of a wounded soul to the heights of healing and love.

(The book is also available on Amazon HERE.)

All you have to do to enter the draw for a chance to win the Sophia of your choice is:

  1. Make a comment on this post! (even just “Hi!”)
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*The contest ends midnight tonight my time (11pm EST). I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning. Good luck!

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