FREEBIE FRIDAY: t-shirt giveaway!

Good morning everyone! Another Freebie Friday!

Today I’m giving away 3 “Narrow Way” tees. I created the image to depict the challenge of the cross.

These t-shirts have been given to me by an incredible t-shirt company called ooShirts. They offered to give me three free tees in exchange for a little review of their product.

In a matter of minutes I had a design uploaded and within days it was shipped. It took a little while to get to my door in Canada from California, but that’s normal. The quality of the shirts is excellent. They are made with heavy cotton and the ink looks and feels steadfast. They are all large but they are cotton so they’ll shrink. Above is a photo of my daughter Casile modeling one of the shirts. So check out ooShirts and design your own t-shirt! It’s simple, fast, and the staff are super helpful and friendly!

To win one of the 3 shirts all you have to do is:

1. Be signed up for my newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, go HERE.
2. Post a comment on this post! Something as simple as “Hi!” will do.

This will end at midnight tonight Atlantic Time and I’ll announce the 3 winners tomorrow! I’ll ship your tee anywhere in the world!

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90 Replies to “FREEBIE FRIDAY: t-shirt giveaway!”

  1. I’m always sourcing out shirt suppliers etc. for a mythical silk screening gig I have in my head, so of course I clicked through to their site. The first thing I look for is where the shirts are made. They offer sweat shop-free choices, but don’t mention it anywhere on their site. I only knew it because I was familiar with the brands. And they offer an organic option, but you have to drill down to find it. Crazy. They offer two really important, desirable options and don’t (or barely) promote it.

    ps. I’m hoping they read the comments…

  2. I like the image-concept: narrow way, strait gate (strait jacket or t-shirt) I of the needling kind of a deal. Ouch, ooo, damnit, hurts. Turn it up. Unless you thought Jesus did IT for us and we don’t have to, as opposed to Jesus-did-it-for-us- to-show-us how. (My daughter told me the chicken crossed the road to show the possum it was possible, solving that particular question: same christ-like notion I believe, as your t-shirt illustrates.)

  3. I love your cartoons and artwork and wisdom, especially your Sophia series. Thank-you very much. Bless you, Cynthia

  4. Hi, David

    I really like this design. Simple and clean, but with some depth and emotion behind it.

    Is the person climbing out of the cross or into it?

    What is the thinking behind it?

    Thanks for the stimulation this cold morning.


  5. a friend of mine posted this on facebook “What was Jesus referring to when he spoke of the ‘narrow road’ or the ‘difficult way’ that leads to life? Seen in context (Matt 5-7), he was referring to the unconditional love that he was teaching his disciples to live in. To love unconditionally is indeed a difficult way… but also an abundant life.”
    to love with out conditions… yes definitely a hard road to walk.

  6. Funny how “strait is the gate and narrow the way” is both comforting and challenging at the same time. As usual, great, thought-provoking art, David!

  7. Love this shirt. Thanks so much for your art. I’d love to see more of your work on t-shirts. Especially Sophia!!

  8. Great design David. I can think of a few interpretations of what it means.To me, it means climbing out of the dogma surrounding the whole Christian church, especially as I find it this Christmas. Been having a difficult time of it, but still trust that ‘God’ is out there somewhere working it out for me, or at least helping me to work it out.

    A lovely christmas holiday to you and your family and all that is good and beautiful for the new year ahead.

  9. Hi David:

    Great t-shirt. I particularly like Jason’s comment about the narrow way or difficult way being a life lived with unconditional love. It certainly does seem that few find it….


  10. Can’t even tell you how much I would love to wear this to the young adults small group I currently attend, and be able to explain this site to them!
    Love your work, but more importantly, love your heart!


  11. Okay, are you selling these shirts or designs anywhere for those of us who won’t win?
    Because that’s a fabulous design.

  12. This is a great design! I always enjoy your cartoons & their meanings. Your messages are something every Christian (& non-Christian) needs to hear!!

  13. Seeing your work, David, instills in me a desire to use and encourage the use of God-given gifts and abilities to build up the Kingdom.

    Thanks for using yours so passionately.

  14. Hey Bob, Clif, and Cal Desmond-Pearson.

    Please re- email me your mailing addresses so I can send you the shirts (haywardart at gmail dot com)…

    due to my stupidity i lost all your mailing addresses.



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