Freebie Friday: win a copy of my book “The Liberation of Sophia”!

"The Liberation of Sophia" book by nakedpastor David Hayward
“The Liberation of Sophia” book by nakedpastor David Hayward

I’m giving away a signed copy of my very popular book, The Liberation of Sophia. I will ship it to anywhere in the world. All for free!

I will enter your name into a draw which closes at midnight tonight (EST) and announce the winner in the morning and contact them.

All you need to do is 2 things!

1. Leave a comment (even “hi” will do).
2. Sign up for my emails.

That’s it!

Sophia is a hit. I get so many emails and messages from people who totally identify with her. They love her story. In fact, I hear back from many people who are using it as a study for their small groups, group therapy sessions, and retreats. This book contains 59 images, each with its own meditation. If you don’t win, you can order it, read it, and let me know what you think. I love hearing the stories from people whose lives are touched by this remarkable woman, Sophia. (You can buy some original drawings of Sophia that are still available, or buy high quality prints of every one of the drawings.)

Okay! Contest is on. Good luck!

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27 Replies to “Freebie Friday: win a copy of my book “The Liberation of Sophia”!”

  1. I’m all signed up . . . and . . . well . . . Hi!

    May grace and goodness surround you this rainy New Brunswick day.

  2. I’m already signed up but it’s worth giving a comment for a chance to win your book! Sophia is all of us in all of our incarnations, stages and struggles. Inspiring always David.

  3. Hello! I’ve been reading your comics via Twitter for a while. I’m probably not your target demographic but I enjoy your thoughtful take on religion and society. If you’d been my pastor when I was growing up I might not be an atheist today. ^_^

  4. Hi! I’ve been receiving your emails for a while. I love your cartoons. I was a missionary kid and come from a very conservative Christian family of pastors and missionaries. Instead of receiving a call to ministry in high school or college, I decided I wanted to live and work in the theatre, and while in grad school I met and quickly fell in love with an atheist Jewish actor. We had many deep and contentious conversations about faith, God, belief, and unbelief. One night, in a grief-stricken depression-and-anxiety-fueled panic as I felt like my belief in God was evaporating by the second, I stumbled onto a blog post of yours on Patheos that said something to the effect of, “Feel like you’re losing your faith? Let it go. The belief is not the thing.” I didn’t know it at the time, but that was one of the earliest steps in my journey out of depression and toward being at peace with not knowing the answers. I would love to have a copy of Sophia. Her story resonates with me. Thank you for drawing and posting.
    PS- The atheist Jewish actor and I are getting married next month and we couldn’t be happier.

  5. Already got a copy of Sophia thanks. Interesting that I have finished Neal Peart’s book Ghost Rider with similar themes. He talks of caring for his “baby soul ” and identifies it in a female form too as his “chickadee “.

    Maybe a Canadian thing? 🙂

  6. The Liberation of Sophia would be a nice addition to my library. Adam Julians, you’ve given me a book idea to read. My blog is a reference to the Black-Capped Chickadee.

  7. Hey Nastya! You won! I entered the numbers 1-24 into the online random number generator and #15 popped up. I will ship “The Liberation of Sophia” to you but I’ll need you to email me your address ( Congratulations.

    Stay tuned guys for next week’s Freebie Friday! Thanks for playing.

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