FREEBIE FRIDAY: win a reproduction of Sophia “Angel”!

Sophia "Angel" by nakedpastor David Hayward
Sophia “Angel” by nakedpastor David Hayward

I’m giving away a reproduction of this Sophia “Angel” drawing. It’s 8″x10″. I will ship it to anywhere in the world. All for free!

I will enter your name into a draw which closes at midnight tonight (EST) and announce the winner in the morning and contact them..

All you need to do is 2 things!

1. Leave a comment (even “hi” will do).
2. Sign up for my emails.

That’s it!

Sophia is an unexpected hit. I get so many emails and messages from people who totally identify with her. They love her story in the book The Liberation of Sophia. There are 59 images, each with its own meditation. Order it, read it, and let me know what you think.

Okay! Contest is on. Good luck!

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34 Replies to “FREEBIE FRIDAY: win a reproduction of Sophia “Angel”!”

  1. I love how it seems her tears are becoming her wings….

    And… keep my name out of the drawing… I want others to have the chance to win. 🙂

  2. I love Sophia. I’ve shared her with my spirituality group for people coping with behavioral health issues. She especially speaks to those suffering from depression and she spoke to me in a fresh way when I was going through that lonely journey as well.

  3. Every day I look forward to my daily email from you – thanks for what you do!! This picture is amazing – thanks for sharing your artwork!!

  4. Admirer here 🙂 Lucky enough to stumble across your page when “” was still cool, then I became a Twitter follower. Love your art, and would love it hanging near my front door! 🙂

  5. Most days I love reading your stuff, sometimes you touch a nerve and I appreciate this as well, helps me everyday to appreciate being alive. Your art will find a home on my walls one way or another. Thank you for your courage.

  6. I second what Caryn said. Love the tears appearing to be become the wings. And I also want someone else to win.

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments guys. You know… the idea of the tears turning into wings never crossed my mind. I wish it had when I created this image so I would’ve made it more obvious. But… maybe not. Because for me, if you’ve read the book, she’s covering her face in embarrassment, not sadness. It’s like she’s ashamed of her angelic value. Thanks again for your comments.

    I entered the numbers 1-31 (since there were 31 commenters) in a random number generator and the number 14 came up, which makes Vanessa the winner. Congratulations Vanessa! I’ll ship it off to you this week.

  8. I was SO VERY PLEASED to see that NONE of the regulars ‘entered’ the draw. Good for your Caryn!! to exclude yourself.

    David it’s good to know that there are a bunch of ‘others’ who read your blog but don’t comment….BUT IT IS AMAZING that those that comment regularly didn’t feel the necessity to be included in a contest.

    It says a lot about your readership. Make of that what you will.

  9. Cool Purvez. I like your attitude and observations. There are always over 1,000 visits to my daily posts on this website alone. So I know there are a lot of people who don’t comment. But your thoughts are poignant.

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