6 Replies to “Freedom Can Be Lonely”

  1. It can be lonely, can’t it? I find I cannot talk about much of what I have learned to my family and friends, since they do not want to hear it.

  2. Yes. But I suppose the slaves in chains could delude themselves by saying they were better off being all together. Freedom can be scary.

    In fundamentalism, there is no freedom of thought, no freedom of will. You have to check your brain at the door. Thinking marks you as being under the influence of the Devil, or possibly a willing ally. After all, wickedness is thinking your own thoughts and iniquity is going your own way. Stay with the flock — even if you are being led somewhere you don’t want to go.

    Freedom is uncomfortable. Freedom can isolate. You don’t have the luxury of just bowing to the will of another if you are free.

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