gay toast

I love exposing the roots. This cartoon hopefully does that.

I am beginning to assemble all my cartoons related to this topic into a book. I’m not sure what to title it yet. Something catchy, like, “If You’re Gay and You Know It, Clap Your Hands.

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19 Replies to “gay toast”

  1. The Roots (fundamental)
    I hate everyone.
    Right there: explains everything.
    Or rather: the denial & cover-up
    explains everything. No wonder:
    the failure to communicate.The
    problems in relationship. Hopes
    & fears of all the years. My
    Yearning & Desire.
    Can’t be said, however,
    If you quote me I’ll deny it.
    What? Are you kidding? I wanna-be
    good so bad, I can’t afford the
    bad-it-takes to get there. What?
    Are you kidding?.I love you all.
    Love is all we need..,xxxooo,
    Presbyter (Naked Bastard: I’m toast.)

  2. Jesus is reported to have done a similar zapping of a fig-tree that bore no fruit too. Is there a connection?

    When non-believers say, “Well, Jesus was a great teacher” I can’t help but imagine a lot of passages that make him seem like a cancerous fellow.

  3. Hate the ignorance.
    Love the ignorant.

    Sabio: I imagine “Jesus” must look like
    BB Wolf to the 3 Little Pigs–don’t you agree?’Huffing and Puffing to blow their brick house down. Terrifying. OMG they would utter: OMG: not by the hairs of our chinny-chin-chins.

  4. Ok. You have my attention. I’m *looking* at the roots. Noooooow….please to esplain. This can go either way depending on where your brain is. Either you’re clap clapping the idea of jesus doing the instant smiting or you’re mocking the idea of people wishing for that because it’s not exactly his MO. *waits patiently for follow up*

  5. Thats is indeed, a catchy title. What an important topic. Thank you for reflecting the love and the light 🙂

  6. Never the less, it’s the sound of only one hand clapping that I hear most often. We’re all on the side of the REAL JESUS here–not the misconstrued faux Jesus that stalks our institutions and political pogroms. All Goodies here. Would make toast of any body. Well, ME, sometime–tell the truth. I am a Naked Bastard and couldn’t blame you none if you at least wanted to pepper spray. Fess up. It’s HARD being a goodie, not so gay.

  7. Naked Pastor “loves exposing the roots” (fundamentals: foundations, profundity) but does the Gay Issue get at the roots of species US or merely displays symptoms of our fear, hate, personal homeland insecurities system? And whether it’s root or symptom Naked Pastor is daily getting at: I assume it is DESCRIPTION he means to illustrate. Prescription? That’s a course of another color, true? Unless love is all we need. Sympathy, empathy, compassion–that too. And even so: one might could wonder about the roots of those virtues: how acquired so that no toasting need apply.

  8. Jesus would only say “go and sin no more” to a sinner. You’d have to think being gay was a sin. I don’t think Jesus is that ignorant. I’ve got faith in Jesus that he’s not stupid, not hateful, not a jerk. I would find it hard to believe that I am more tolerant, loving, and peaceful than Jesus.

  9. Had to get read on you for this topic, but shouldve trusted gut. Sarcastic eyerolling at the prejudiced is so much more pleasing when it’s artistically done. Well played. *Hands over big pot. Requests continued stirring*

  10. @ Ann

    You make a terrific point…Jesus is not a jerk…He gets it.

    BTW – The passage where Jesus is quoted as telling the woman taken in adultery to “go and sin no more” was not in the original book of John. I don’t even believe that fits His style. Jesus understands the human condition and the command to “sin no more” would set a person on a path of continual failure and separation from God’s love and as a result it would leave us feeling constantly unworthy.

    The church proclaims the message of unworthiness…I don’t believe it was Jesus message however.

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