3 Replies to “Give all glory to… ME!”

  1. Years ago, I was a deacon in a Divine Healing movement called Shekinah (Long Beach CA).

    We slowly had this happen… and I thought nothing of it while within the movement. Only after I left, and came back a few years later, did it suddenly strike me as ‘commercialization’.

    I am OK with the Rachael Maddow Show, or The Colbert Report (no longer with us…). After all, they are built around a person, and if that person goes, then the show stops.

    I am OK with a dozen church-type para-ministries that do the same naming convention – after all, when NP retires, I doubt that anyone can take your place.

    But my mind just has difficulty when a church institution uses that naming convention…. as if the church will cease the moment “Pastor Bob” leaves or retires.

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