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  1. Yes – I heard God being referred to as she recently elsewhere. And we know wisdom is described as she and Paul describes himself as having nursed a church as a mother nurses a child.

    Some folks may disagree with what I am about to say but I would ponder that there is a nurturing side to being female that generally speaking isn’t there in the male. This for me is comforting. There also are men who are good nurturers and some women who are not – and that’s OK.

  2. I am going to be lynched for this, but this cartoon says to me: this is the problem with gay marriage. And I am thinking that’s why there are no comments, here. Adults are quite free to do what they want but children need their parents. Just like raising a girl is different from raising a boy, (all the other discussions re: gender not withstanding, anyone who has done it, knows what is meant), so is having a father different from having a mother. If we can get past the lynching, perhaps we can have just this: that where-ever possible, when-ever possible each child have access to his or her biological parents, that no one put anyone down; each can be loving in their own way. But a boy should have a mom and a dad and a girl should have a mom and dad, and if that can’t be then an uncle or an aunt or coach or teacher… God is god and he won’t bake cake with you or teach you how to fix things (though it could be your dad baking cake or your mom fixing things; that’s not the point, though 9 times out of 10 it will be the other way around.) This is actually the benefit of the church, that we have access to all sorts of people and relationships with people from all walks of life. God is our Mommy through the Mommy in the pew in front.

  3. Against gay marriage ? If so : I’ve read this up and down a few times and I really don’t understand why you drag gay marriage into this.Your message would have completely fine and crystal clear without starting of with the gay marriage thing. Kids should have the access to both their parents.And ‘we’ should try to make that so.If this isn’t possible then it’s a sad thing.End of story, right ?

    How gay marriage does fit in to all of this I don’t understand.I might understand it if you thought that people are gender based in their capability to love and care.And I would understand if you would think that a married couple should not be of the same sex..

    You dress up your words too much for me to really tell what your deal is.

    As of yet : no hanging.

  4. Hm. And God works under masks, so a mommy or a daddy or a doctor, or a carpet cleaner are all doing God’s work.

  5. As someone who lost her mother at a young age, this picture is absolutely the truth. God has been more than a Father to me. He has been a mother… to the point that He heard my heart’s cry… to simply want to know how to make a pie. Seriously. I heard a voice say, “More flour. Less of this. Do that.” And then, he brought me a best friend with a pastry chef as a mother. And then, on those occasions when I told him if I didn’t get a mother’s hug soon, I would simply die, he would send along Mrs. Stevenson to drive me to church (I got grounded for going to church one time, I had no way to go with my family) And that would be the week that they would pick me up in their truck and not the car. It would be ‘squishy’ with all three of us in the car and she would say, “Ok.” And put her arms around me. “I am going to hug you all the way to church.” — A 10 minute drive. Hugged all the way there and all the way home. God is a fantastic mother.

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