3 Replies to “God, Leonard Nimoy, and the meeting of two aliens”

  1. Just watched the video Of you speaking to the University students! Oh how it all resonated with me!!!! I have a long story to share and where my spiritual life is right now! I’ll will discuss in more depth at another time! I have been horribly hurt by the church, but have found, through a single post on my facebook a “Bible Study” group who meet here, every Thursday for over a year now! The United Church pastor leads it, but we have the Pentecostal Pastor here each week, the Baptist Pastors wife, some with no church background! It has become church, right here in this old house! It’s quite hard for the pastors to explain it to others when they ask what it’s like! Here, right here, we are able to do just as you said be just us! Questions fly, love is strong and the coffee always hot! I’d like to chat about it more soon!!!

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