Grieving the Loss of Your Faith

"Grieving Faith" cartoon by David Hayward
“Grieving Faith” cartoon by David Hayward



are you losing your faith?
or lost it already?
don’t be afraid
you’re getting ready
for your road of growth
bursts from seeds of faith
belief’s shell goes
to birth a new way

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3 Replies to “Grieving the Loss of Your Faith”

  1. In my case, once I realized what I have actually lost, the cartoon would have been a more accurate depiction if it showed the newly faithless having a celebratory glass of champagne, welcomed by fellow unbelievers while standing on the grave of the lost faith.

  2. Grieving the loss of making it about me – yeah. My faith is false. My truth is false. Either something is true or it is opinion. Either such a thing as faith exists or it doesn’t.

    There’s always a choice as to whether to build on sand or a firm foundation.

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