Guest Cartoon “The Names Nakedpastor Gets Called”

"Guest Cartoon" for nakedpastor David Hayward
“Guest Cartoon” for nakedpastor David Hayward

Thanks to Bocetos En Mano of La Conversación en Curso for sending me this cartoon as a gift.

The original is in Spanish. They’re busy translating many of my cartoons. Thanks guys!

It’s actually pretty accurate!

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5 Replies to “Guest Cartoon “The Names Nakedpastor Gets Called””

  1. I call you “hero”. It takes a lot of bravery and heart to stand up the way you do, especially as you do for women. You really make a difference for me, David.

  2. “David you shit split with a cherry on top”
    (said with love) 😛

    Yeah, the names given by people seeking to demonize still carry such hurt, even when you try to not let them affect you.

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