Happy Galentines Day

"Love Sprinkler Girl" cartoon by David Hayward
“Love Sprinkler Girl” cartoon by David Hayward



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2 Replies to “Happy Galentines Day”

  1. Having thought about this over the last few days and processing thoughts I do have something I would like to say. And As I make this comment I am apprehensive about the response that might happen.

    From what I have looked at the “Galentines” is about women who have not had any Valentine, to get together and celebrate. I didn’t know what this was all about to begin with having never heard of this. And now I have heard of this I find it sad. I think it comes across as bordering on the mirror of the MGTOW movement for men in terms of giving up on romantic relationships. I think both are symptoms of weakness, dysfunction and lack of courage masquerading as empowerment and fun.

    I think we function best where there is connection and interdependence (note, not co-dependence and addiction to relationship) and that men are not independent of women and women are not independent of men.

    And in such interdependence combined love we thrive. We are connected. My thriving depends on your thriving and vice versa.

    I’m sorry – rather than “Galentines Day” being something for cause of celebration I think it is something for cause of lament and a symptom of an ever increasing divide that our culture in the west is experiencing.

    This makes me feel sad.


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