Has taking up your cross seen better days?

"Gooder Fridays" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Gooder Fridays” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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The thief on the cross learned pretty quickly that it’s sometimes, if not always, hard to find something good in taking up his cross and following Jesus.

You certainly know what I mean.

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6 Replies to “Has taking up your cross seen better days?”

  1. So, Mr. *Naked* Pastor, I’m wondering… if instead of having guys being crucified wear some ancient loin cloth underwear, could you animate some pixelation over their genitals?


  2. I was crucified by addiction from my mid-teens to 38 years of age. I was beat up bloodied torn and broken, spiritually bankrupt. The 12 step programs helped me to resurrect myself up from the sewer pit my mind, heart and soul sunk into. The programs taught me about (1 ) admitting I was beat, (2) coming to believe in something greater than myself (eventually a higher power) (many evolutions and concepts of HP, all of these at one time or another: nature, the 12 steps, creator, Love, spiritual principles) (Step 3) applying my low self worth and gigantic Ego to these spiritual principles (4) write down my liabilities and assets (5) share them with another and my higher power (6&7) ask for the liabilites to be removed and be patient with the process (8) Make a list of all that were harmed by me (9) make amends to such folks except whn to do so would injure them or myself (10) take a daily inventory of my day, checking for snafus, mean temperment, arrogance etc (11) meditation and prayer to communicate to my higher power and quiet reflection to listen for the Truth (12) after having a spiritual awakening as a result of working these steps, help others if they wish for help because now I am in the position to assist. After all, we are all brothers siters mothers fathers cousins neighbors etc
    These programs helped me to resurrect my life spirit respect for self and others.
    This is just one aspect of the significance of Easter for me.

  3. That’s helpful Terri-jo. We have been to a number of courses on addictions and, of course, there are various approaches. Lately the twelve step and higher power have come under criticism from some people, but the last speaker I heard was defending it. He goes to a meeting every day and he does not travel any place where he won’t be able to attend.

    I try to solve a lot of problems on y own and can still work myself into the same hole. Then I realize again how dependent I am on the Lord of my life. And when Jesus says: peace, fear not, trust me… It does free from bonds like nothing else. Sometimes I wish I was a Roman Catholic in a little Bavarian village, where you can go for mass every morning. But alas I am not Roman Catholic, never have bee and won’t be unless there are changes… I don’t live in Bavaria any more, and in any case they probably don’t have enough priests any more to provide so many opportunities. But the little old ladies used to walk every day while I waited for the school bus. What a nice counter-action to old age loneliness, too.

    I went on that tangent for several reasons but mostly thinking about the man who goes daily to AA meetings, but also about Easter and how we need a living, loving, Lord to focus on.

  4. Hi Birgitte, thank you for your comment. Yes I am a new Christian, and in fact, it was the 12 steps that brought me eventually to follow the Lord. The 12 Step programs are based on the Sermon on the Mount, to my utter shock. When I started reading the Bible about 3 months ago, I discovered this. The steps encourage us ‘to seek a Higher Power’ in lieu of ‘seeking Christ’. Many bereft and spiritually/physically broken and traumatized addicts alcoholics codependents etc may have ran away from receiving help if religion was thrown in their faces. As it were, I had still alot of resistance to the idea of a higher power as I was molested by a strict Catholic grandmother. Let’s say, I was very confused about religious folks and ideas like sin and forgiveness. We were also brought up by my father who laughed at folks who prayed and called them weak. He was terrifying, and the children in our family went along with everything he told us. It was death to resist his power-over. Now after 20 years in healing with the 12 step philosophy and principles, I have found peace. I have put my father in the hands of God. I have released old feelings of shame embarassment guilt and trauma. I have educated myself, and have been nursing the dying for 16 years. I am sober for close to 18 years. I have assisted hundreds of women in meetings/jail/treatment centers and one on one to find a new way to live. The 12 steps brought me eventually to Christ and I am grateful humbled and excited about the fututre. God bless

  5. Bless you, too, Terry jo. My life and my struggles are different from yours but we depend on the same Higher Power from day to day. I am glad you have amazing work.

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