How Jesus Left Behind his friends the first time

"Jesus and the First Left Behind" by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Jesus and the First Left Behind” by nakedpastor David Hayward

I remember when I was very young one of my friends was telling us about what his pastor was preaching. It was The Revelation and the end times stuff. We were fascinated and terrified.

This is what began my journey down the path of a rather apocalyptic, charismatic and evangelical style of religion.

It wasn’t easy to break from it. The same fears they try to invoke in you to stay leave a residue that takes a while to scrape away.

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6 Replies to “How Jesus Left Behind his friends the first time”

  1. Ya know, over the years, I’ve come to believe that some of us are inclined to such beliefs simply out of temperament. And interest in get rich quick schemes or survivalist mentality or even hypochondriasis may be part of the same syndrome grouping that apocalyptic anxiety.

    So curing the religious side may not be enough, it may even go deeper. I wonder how many of your readers would confess to some of these other traits that have been passengers along with their end-time mentality. Some had been for me.

    All to say, fixing your religion often ain’t enough, we express our neurosis in all realms.

  2. Best cartoon yet!! and how true for most of Chrisendom.

    @Sabio: Your comment makes for a great meditation.

  3. @ Sabio

    I think this is quite perceptive. I am read Pete Rollins book The Idolatry of G*d in which he says fond of saying Fundamentalism is not a problem, it’s the solution to the problem. (I know he is hardly the originator of the saying but it’s what Im reading ATM…) I think you hit the same nail on the head. There was a lively discussion on another blog where Rapture Enthusiasts (RA)™ were accused of being afraid of death and use the rapture to ‘escape’ death. I disagreed. I think they are afraid of life, and want desperately to be rescued from it, which is a whole different pathology…

  4. @ Mike: thanx

    @ Vogel:
    Thanx. And concerning the uses of apocalyptic thinking, I am sure the way Rapture Enthusiasts, use that theology, vary as much as the way various Muslims embrace jihad, or other Christians embrace gifts-of-the-spirit (charismatic stuff). People use these things to match their needs. Think of all the way people use “I am a Christian”, for example.
    So probably no one answer works.

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