How to Handle Your Females

"Daddy's Girl" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)
“Daddy’s Girl” (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

This cartoon was inspired by a good post I read over at The Junia Project, “Jesus and a Woman’s ‘Place’“. She used one of my cartoons. I love my cartoons being used everywhere. Thanks Kate!

The purity culture is getting stranger.
The objectification of women is getting stronger.

As women continue to increasingly liberate themselves, the backlash is to make every attempt to bring them back under control. Of course it can’t be obvious. But it doesn’t take a very trained eye to see that this purity culture around girls and women is their objectification dressed up as admiration.

Worship keeps the worshipped segregated. It is apartheid.

Infatuation is fueled by fantasy. It’s blind to the real flesh and blood woman standing right in front of you.

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11 Replies to “How to Handle Your Females”

  1. I’m not sure, David, whether this is supposed to depict the Idealized Woman or the Blessed Virgin. Either way, it raises a host of questions both about Mariology in the Catholic Church and about many fundamentalists’ views about women (Why are they always referred to as “ladies”?).

  2. This would not be the queen of heaven, the Blessed Virgin. This is a man’s way of saying you belong to me and I will do as I please with you. So the girl will never have a true fulfillment of life and really never be loved. She is a object and objects are bought and sold to the highest bidder. She will become a Stepford Wife.

  3. As someone raised within the “worship of women” culture, I can tell you that to girls and very young woman, being put on a pedestal is very alluring.

    Because authentic relationship isn’t created, and authentic personhood not recognized, Little Girl is still longing for Dad’s recognition of her as an individual. (And of course, in that culture, it must be Dad’s recognition, because only the male opinion counts.) Being put on a pedestal feels like the recognition for which she longs.

    I know a lot of otherwise mature women who still maintain that being on that pedestal is a good place to be, because they still don’t know what being fully seen, fully appreciated, fully loved feels like. Not long ago, a friend of mine launched a FB debate about how everything that is wrong with society is because women don’t demand to be treated as “special”, i.e., have doors opened for them, etc. She, and her supporters, could *not* understand my point having a door opened for me just because I’m female is not an expression of respect.

  4. Doug: Hi. Ex-fundamentalist here. I can assure you that fundy/evangelical/purity culture has nothing to do with the Blessed Virgin and everything to do with making women’s lives impossible.

    AFA Fundamentalist views on women: “Ladies” is used to remind women that their place is to be small silent, delicate, and never make a fuss. If you are called a “woman” in Fundamentalism, look out. It means you are too human for their tastes, and you deserve to be called a whore and trearted like one even if you aren’t. Oh yeah, once you are considered a “woman” and not a “lady”, that is as unforgiveable as any form of (alleged) sexual impurity.

    I was never put on that pedestal. My parents divorced, and my stepfather died when I was young. There is a word for fatherless daughters in that culture: targets. Bullying, harassment, you name it. It is a miracle I was “only” sexually harassed and didn’t suffer something worse, and it was only because my mother knew how to raise Hell when she sensed something was wrong.

  5. Odd that the first comment is on the Blessed Virgin, but it makes sense to note that Mary is not immune to objectification. In fact, her being considered a model for “ladylike” behavior is a symptom of this very problem in society. I recommend Vagenda Magazine for further commentary on popular objectification of women.

  6. Tragic. The mother’s look says it all–utter resignation and subjugation first for herself and now, even worse, for her daughter. How long before she’s hitting the bottle, popping pills, or worse? And how long, if ever, before these 3 boys break the chain and stop the madness? At least the baby seems to have an upset stomach over all of this.

  7. Yep, and when you’re done with her, you can just discard her as having no real value. Living that one right now.

  8. While the Virgin Mary may not have anything to do with purity culture in Evangelical circles, it is very prominent in Catholicism. The fervent denial Jesus had brothers and sisters (people say they were his cousins) and the proclamation of her perpetual virginity along with the denigration of Mary Magdelene to a prostitute. They are both extremes of how many religious people view women.

  9. I gotta say, David, you really outdid yourself here. Women are objectified and idealized at the same time. The “pedestal” is how Christians justify their patronizing of women, “Oh no, we don’t think women are worse are than men, just special.” It is sanctimonious sexism.

  10. In a culture where over half the population is divorced or now raised in step families, single parnet homes or shacking up, I find this objectifying assumption to be no longer the norm. I was raised by a single mom, with my sister and my grandmother. And a bunch of dogs. I have no clue about being put on a pedastal. However I married an IFB preacher and he is fun and enjoyable and we laugh a lot. So I just don’t see this problem. The IFB’s we associate with are likewise sweet and respectful and have deep long marriages. And they are fun. So i guess I am one of the lucky ones.

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