Is Rob Bell going to the Hell he doesn’t believe in?

"Jesus and Rob Bell in Hell" by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Jesus and Rob Bell in Hell” by nakedpastor David Hayward

Reading this post about Rob Bell made me feel sad.

It’s obvious that the evangelical camp is tightening its borders and protecting them well.

Then I read the comments and realized that, according to many, I’m not on the right side of that fence.

Rob Bell certainly is not. Not even Jesus would be.

Bell gets attacked by evangelicals because he’s a traitor and a heretic. He gets attacked by other conservative believers because he’s a false-teacher and enemy of the church. He gets attacked by the more liberal because he’s a sell-out and after the money.

Some people will say to me, “You critique people but you don’t Rob Bell!” Here’s why: it is good to critique people who obviously hurt others with their words and their actions. It’s not necessary to attack someone who is helping others.

Do I agree with everything Bell says? Do I like his writing? Do I read or watch his material? Doesn’t matter! He’s not hurting anybody. I know many people who have genuinely been helped by him. He’s been a key factor in their journey to spiritual independence. That’s a good thing.

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5 Replies to “Is Rob Bell going to the Hell he doesn’t believe in?”

  1. As I explained recently to a Evangelical blog in my parting comments, the Parable of the Good Samaritan shows that ‘love in action’ is number one in the eyes of Jesus.

    And doctrine, genetics, lifestyle, clothing, accent, religious affiliation, and politics are an incredibly distant second.

    One person ‘got it’….and posted a good reply. And the next reply slashed at the Mormon faith, and the blog was then filled with ‘we Evangelicals got it right – the Mormons got it wrong!’ comments.

    It was as if the Evangelical’s eyes are blind to the impact of that one incredible Parable. And, to quote Jesus, if the blind lead the blind, both fall into the ditch.

    If the Evangelicals continue to emphasize doctrine over the actions of helping the wounded, why do they think Jesus will allow them to avoid the ditch of history? Indeed, as best as I can tell, the None’s and the Done’s have recognized the walls of the Evangelicals – not as noble walls of doctrine, but rather, as the sides of a ditch being viewed by the blind man in the muddy center.

    And those that depart are no longer blind.

  2. I understand the irony that this particular cartoon introduces, but it’s really too much to imply (even satirically) that Christians themselves decide or influence who goes to Hell…a concept Jesus himself introduced and with which threatened people. A cartoon depicting Jesus and Rob being kicked to the outskirts of Christian Town, I get…but this image crosses into the realm of disingenuous and pathetic melodrama.

  3. Tony: yes, it is extreme humor. And actually, that is why I like it! rofl….

    Personally, I want a cartoon that shows angels throwing Jesus into the Lake of Fire with ‘But he said, only God was good.’

    The extreme makes me laugh again and again. Perhaps this is not your place for humor.

    Then again, there was a time I thought Bill Crosby’s records were just way too out there….

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