Is Your Pain Noticed When it’s Too Late?

"Sparrow" cartoon by David Hayward
“Sparrow” cartoon by David Hayward



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9 Replies to “Is Your Pain Noticed When it’s Too Late?”

  1. i tried to be a believer so hard. i went to a mega church, 3 times a week. serivces were 2 hours long. and another 30 minutes to get out of the parkingi lot. i was in 4 different volunteer ministries aincluding aids/hiv and convalescent old age homes with alzheimers unit. i think i could go into the sanctuary with a screwdriver through my eyeball and as long as the answer to the question ” how is your walk with the lord” was positive the blood would not matter at all.

  2. So where’s the fault here? Is it in something “he” is doing or not doing or in the thoughts the sparrow has about these things?

  3. So sad. When I prayed for God’s help when my husband was being persecuted by his church hierarchy I heard nothing – no answers, no comfort – just silence. Now I have ‘fallen’ in my loss of faith I am not sure He even saw me when I fell. It is less painful to assume He never existed at all.

  4. Hi Jack: It is actually a huge statement by Jesus of non-interference. Thus, the joke makes sense in the US.

    Many of our US believers were trained that Jesus would interfere and intervene. However, Jesus did not say, “… as they fall, my Father intervenes…”. Rather, Jesus said, “… without your Father.”

    No one appears quite sure how to translate the passage. However, here in the States, we tend towards prosperity and intervention. It is quite hard on us to understand and grasp Hebrews 11, for example.

    We are a prosperous country (for the most part), and we have quite a bias.

    To show bias in the translation, you can read all the versions here:

  5. Hey Caryn,

    Thanks for the context of the cartoon in scripture being about not being afraid of what people will do to you. And of the US culture with teaching, showing a problem with the teaching. Hmm prosperity and intervention – must be tough for you guys then to see poverty and illness in other than not being part of God’s blessing.

  6. Exactly, Jack. Our culture is very much like ‘the friends of Job’ that said (in essence) “Job, you did something to deserve this. You really must (underneath it all) want to be homeless, or else you’d have a job. You really want to be a drug addict, or else you’d just get out of it. It is simple – repent. Confess. Change. And then, God will bless you – we promise.”

    Compassion is tough to acquire in the USA.

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