it’s important to stop and find love and happiness

"Love Sprinkler" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Love Sprinkler” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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Actually, I did a cartoon just like this but with a boy. It’s been very popular. You can get prints of that one HERE. But someone contacted me commissioned me to do one with a girl. So, here it is! She bought the original but you can buy a print of it.

It’s been an intensive few months for me. There’s my contentious blog post that continues to invite both praise and persecution. There’s my personal commitment to draw a new cartoon every day. There’s my personal endeavor to write for my blog every day. There’s facilitating my online community The Lasting Supper. There’s my desire to work on art like this every day. There’s the new book I’m writing, “Questions are the Answer”. There’s tons of snow I constantly seem to be moving. Then there’s just life, like eating and sleeping.

Lisa and I talk about how overwhelming life can get. So we’re trying to figure out ways to just lighten up. Take breaks! Enjoy life! Go out to a decent restaurant. Go on a road trip. Go on vacation. Get out with friends. Go to the shore. Take a walk. Make love. Share a good bottle of wine. Watch a movie. Hang out with our amazing kids.

No matter how serious and important the projects we are involved in are, we have to take care of ourselves lest we become morbid, sad, exhausted, lonely, grumpy and resentful people who no longer enjoy the life we’re trying to enrich for ourselves and others. We can become so burdened with the intensity of our missions that we become as enslaved as those we’re trying to free.

I’ve discovered something like a miracle: when I am forced (like by Lisa) or force myself to take a break and find love and happiness, my important projects are still there waiting for me when I get back! Amazing!

So, what can you do to lighten up? What happy love sprinkler you can leap through today?

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8 Replies to “it’s important to stop and find love and happiness”

  1. Fun cartoon and excellent post, David.
    You are a busy, productive, creative fellow who does so much good in this world. You & Lisa sound like a fantastic team and your open sharing about your struggles and your healthy efforts to stay loving and fresh are very kind.

    For me, lightening up happens best when I hold my partner — while cooking, sleeping, eating, shopping etc. Also, sharing affection verbally lightens me.

    But some people feel love differently: by gifts, by activities or such things. We are all so different. Finding a partner who shares what you value or ways to share love with an existing partner can be a challenge, but well worth it, eh?

  2. Vulnerability. Being vulnerable is one of the ways I lighten up. I am a heart on my sleeves kind of guy. What you see, for the most part, is what you get. Wherever I go, whomever I come across, I see walls that have been built to protect, fear of intruders whom might harm and the hesitancy to be who they really are, whatever that may be. I get lit up when I enlighten others to their real selves, to their heart, passions, art. I do this by being vulnerable, by being my real self. It is no easy journey, many do not want to see themselves as they truly are and for much to long have tried to hide themselves from themselves. What inspires me, my wonderful partner who so insightfully engages me to be real.

    I imagine you already know, being a light in a world, where things are so muddled and where it is difficult to find focus, is no easy task. It can be burdensome and we often need the encouraging light of another to ignite our own. Viktor Frankl once wisely said “What is to give light must endure burning.”

    Thanks for being a light David. Keep on burning. 😉

  3. Yes good post!
    Do not the fruits of the Spirit evoke all positive and healing words and deeds into life?
    Enjoy what God has given and share it also with those around us; it is truly infectious and will be a greater witness to Christ if we engage in these with JOY!

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