Jesus Caught Panhandling!

"Jesus Caught Panhandling" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Jesus Caught Panhandling” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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The question might be, “How did you lose it in the first place?”

Foreclosure? Bankruptcy? Evicted? Bought out? Eminent domain? Did you sell it? Did you walk away? Or was it stolen?

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5 Replies to “Jesus Caught Panhandling!”

  1. What’s in the bottle in the paper bag? That question aside, the message is perfect. Institutional christianity is so far removed from Jesus’ message it can be depressing.

  2. broken body, it’s joints at war
    Religious vipers sucking royal blood
    The price is paid, the final score
    The truth exists even through pious mud

    Who are these people behind the stained glass windows?
    Have they forgotten just what they came here for?
    Was it salvation or scared of hell
    Or an assembly of a social get-together?

    What’s the mission of the Preacher Man?
    Some are true, some do lie

  3. Jesus need to pull himself up by his sandal straps and get a job so one day he can own the church.

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