Jesus Turns the Tables

"Jesus Turns the Tables" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Jesus Turns the Tables” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


The Student Christian Movement of Canada commissioned me to do a cartoon with Jesus turning the tables of the money-changers. Their motto is “Flipping Tables since 1921”. They wanted something they could use on their website, pamphlets, and maybe a tee.

This is what I came up with. They love it. I like it too.

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6 Replies to “Jesus Turns the Tables”

  1. Funny the Student Christian Movement should have used the words “love it”, the same words came to my mind.

    Nice one David.

    It seems some “Christians” aren’t so bad / lacking in grace after all 😉

  2. Hello David,

    Having slept on your laughing at the “humour” about Christians and grace. I would offer how a “Christian” might turn tables and respond in kind.

    I am not ashamed of what I a about to write I do no apologise for it. It is satire. I expect you to take it in the same spirit that “Christians” here have of grace when you have satirised the church and individual “Christians” and for you to take ownership of your thoughts, feelings and actions in respense to reading it.


    In the video clip here at a Christian university, you describe yourself as “unapologetically” Christian, saying “and I let people know that”. On your blog here you have described many in TLS as atheist or “struggling” with atheism to which you have described yourself as “part proud atheist”. You have shared here of your own spiritual journey as being that of “Haywardism” and a “United Nations of Spirituality”. So proud atheist, unapologetic Christian with the nations centred on Hayward.

    You are a confused schizophrenic narcisist then lol. How are you getting on with the medication and therapy? ;).

    By the way, for your assurance. This obviously was for fun and not offensive in any way. Comedians satrise with words as cartoonists satirise with images.

    It;s what we do.

  3. As do I with my comedy and writing.

    As we know, what happens with communicating truth through satire is hyperbole often, sometimes with a caricature. We know hyperbole is not to be taken literally. I doubt the words moving a mountain with faith the size of a mustard seed literally meant it was possible to shift My Everest to the Carribean lol.

    And there is part truth in what you say about parables and offense that the pretentious too to them, as they did with plotting to kill Jesus after he turned the tables over in the temple. Voices in the wilderness are never popular with mob rule or power hungry leaders.

    As the apostle Paul put it “we demolish arguments and pretenses”.

    May you finding fulfillment in this for good and spiritual freedom be your experience at nakedpastor.

    Peace and respect.

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