Journalists and Pastors: Truth or Ratings?

"Truth or Ratings" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Truth or Ratings” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


As you can see, I’m a little obsessed with “truth” right now… and the parallel between the main stream media’s and the church’s failure to make the right choice.

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2 Replies to “Journalists and Pastors: Truth or Ratings?”

  1. Lol! Yet, in a shrinking market, who can blame the reporter or the pastor?

    An American Journalist is told that the ‘slant’ of the newspaper is much closer to the Democratic Platform than the Republican Platform. So, they must ‘slant’ the facts and color them to please their manager… or, poof, they are fired.

    “Trump appoints Carson – His background is Perfect” will not do as a title. Rather, Carson’s background must be shown (those are the facts), and then the emphasis is how Carson falls short (the cup is half empty) – the latter is the slant.

    And so the title becomes, “Trump appoints Carson – His background May be Lacking”.

    Churches (in the US) are a shrinking market. Churches hire pastors. There are unemployed pastors looking for work. So, the pastors are not stupid. They need income. They study the church’s ‘slant’ (often called Statement of Belief), and write or speak according to that ‘slant’.

    Or, poof, they are fired.

    Some journalists cannot handle the cognitive dissonance; and some full-time pastors cannot handle the cognitive dissonance.

    But…. that is life in the marketplace.

    That is why I continue to encourage any ‘pastoral candidate’ to have a backup skill or trade. Or, get their Computer Science degree, and pick up a ministerial degree on the side. It is ok to be a part-time “pastor” with part-time pay (just make sure you are available to them only part-time… don’t allow the job to creep into full-time with little pay).

    The slant of the truth is according to the marketplace…. when that marketplace is your income stream.

  2. This may indeed be true, Caryn LeMur, for those who seek a pastorate as one choice among many in “the marketplace.” If one takes the path of ministry in answer to a call, this search for a “slant” doesn’t enter into the equation.

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