Kids Shouldn’t Talk Like This to Their Fathers

"Kids Talk to their Fathers" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Kids Talk to their Fathers” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

If you convert the words of praise to God into normal relational language, most of it doesn’t make sense.

Barth argued that worship is a product of the Fall and indicates separation. Before the Fall we walked together with God in the garden in intimate fellowship. But the Fall thereafter required language that reflects catastrophic detachment.

Is that how we want to live today?

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9 Replies to “Kids Shouldn’t Talk Like This to Their Fathers”

  1. This cartoon and comment represent what is wrong with Augustinian influenced Christian theology. No matter how you dress it or accompany it with contemporary music, it still stinks! Thankfully, we can shift the focus to “original blessing.”

  2. WOW! Even one of the hymns we sang in the church of the nazarene referred “to such a worm as I.” Obviously my self-worth was in the toilet.

  3. Maybe this is simplistic, but this is how I see it. The fall happened, our relationship with God was severed. Christ died on the cross and was raised from the dead, our relationship with God was restored. I don’t have to grovel to get God’s attention because we’re friends now. And if I screw up and do something stupid, God will let me know in the same way a friend would let another know. It doesn’t have to be hard.

  4. I’m curious about Barth’s theology that attaches this attitude to the Fall. What if you believe in the scientific description of human origins, i.e. evolution? MUST one posit a Fall in order to have a satisfactory theology? Or may one posit, instead, the idea that we are all Children needing to or seek to grow up? With the second view, we can still acknowledge our sins or mistakes which cause estrangement from each other, and we can even acknowledge a leader in Jesus Christ who exemplified the right way to live and love one’s neighbor. If we give up original sin, do we lose anything essential?

  5. Exactly the problem I have with Evangelicalism. It turns Christianity into sadistic slavery. Where is the relationship, the parenthood, the love, the compassion, and the good news. There is none. Makes God into a horrible dictator. I have seen tearful testimonies of couples who said God told them to sell their suburban homes to go live in a rat infested dwelling in China with small children so they could start an orphanage. OK the orphanage is good but why does God have to obliterate your life to help someone else? Don’t get why the good news is unending suffering and heartache. Why can’t we do God’s will AND have happy lives of our choosing? If I believed in that God I would hate Him entirely. It’s like they can’t conceive of a good God and they won’t let anyone else conceive of Him either.

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