leaders and the inordinate adoration they may require

"Inordinate Adoration" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Inordinate Adoration” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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I wrote a post the other day on the privileges of power that got a lot of attention. I suppose this cartoon is in the same vein.

The word “may” is in the title intentionally because not all leaders are like this. But they seem rare these days.

There have been many leaders I’ve served, at first willingly and gladly, whom, over time, made it clear that I wasn’t there to grow into my own gifts and calling, but to kiss their asses so they could grow into theirs.

Even now, working independently, there are leaders out there who expect this kind of adoration from me because they get it from others.

Also, there are people who get really offended if you don’t join in on the ass-kissing exercises they engage in with their favorite leader.

Ass-kissing is behind me.

How about you?

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11 Replies to “leaders and the inordinate adoration they may require”

  1. I like this David. The progression is perfect. And yeah…you know the ass kissing is behind me as well!!

  2. How coincidental…I was pondering the divine right of kings, this morning on the potty, no less. Where did some people get the idea they were above others and could lead whole nations? Or on a lesser scale, whole bodies of believers.
    In the Old Testament, God wanted to be the only leader, but the Israelites wanted an earthly bodily king, so God gave in. Some kings were honest leaders and others were down right nasty.
    Middle ages kings certainly used the divine right of kings scripture to justify their lusts and taking from the lesser. “God made me king, so anything I do is ok with Him.”
    Then I thought of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, how He set the example of how to lead, by giving, loving, serving, to the point of death. Yet, very few want to be that kind of leader. How sad.

  3. Love the cartoon, but probably shouldn’t go with the sentiment that the ass kissing is behind you. Just sayin’. šŸ™‚

  4. //esbee when you get down to the “brass tacks” of it with your comment about being on the potty- they poop and pee like the rest of us. They are fallible men and women.

  5. Never was an ass-kisser, which may have been part of my problem. Sometimes life’s a little easier for you if you kiss a little ass, but I’d rather have my dignity.

  6. I was looking for a place to share this…our church many years ago was going through all this legalism stuff…I heard this from a friend of mine because by the time it all blew open we had stopped going to church…
    One guy was always trying to say something “wise” so he shared with the group that the other day as he was showering it occurred to him that “the hand washes the body” and repeated it slowly —theee haaaand waaaasheeees the bodeeeee” – My friend took it home with a “meh” reaction and shared it with her non-believing hubby….he quickly quipped…”without an asshole the body is full of shit!” I never laughed so hard or got more spiritual inspiration!!!!

  7. Hehehehe………. Very sharp David. Loved it!

    And thank you everyone for your ass-analogies. There’s nothing as leveling as a good ass-analogy, is there?

    If only ass-kissing wasn’t so serious in churches. I once saw my church leader gaze off into the distance and say to herself “there isn’t enough honoring of leadership”. OMG… I had this awful sense that the whip would be out at the next sermon, and sure enough it was.

    Thwack!….. bow and kiss……… Thwack!……….bow and kiss.

    To be fair, the leaders set a great example with those lofty beings above them in the denomination. Barely walked upright around them.

  8. esbee, I’ve heard of pastors that talked about the “colon” or “back door” of the body of Christ or something similar in not so many words. Of the three pastors I’ve seen talk about this, all of them exhibited many of the same narcissistic behaviors and referred to people that leave as excrement.

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