Matt Chandler’s and The Village Church’s idea of church

"Bear Trap Church" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Bear Trap Church” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

A missionary sent out from The Village Church confesses to viewing child pornography. He and his wife are returned home. She divorces him while the church tries to redeem him. The church attempts to talk her into reconciling her marriage and disciplines her for trying to leave the church.

Matthew Paul Turner gives a short summary of the story in Dear God, what is Matt Chandler thinking?

This is not a parody.

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14 Replies to “Matt Chandler’s and The Village Church’s idea of church”

  1. David,

    Karen filed for a annulment, based on the facts that Jordan lied to her when they got married. Love the cartoon.

  2. This kind of crap is the exact reason why many women (myself included) don’t trust the church. Simple as that.

  3. She resigned her membership, and the church said they wanted to discipline her, so she couldn’t resign. She pointed out that she resigned in good standing, because she did so BEFORE they said they wanted to discipline her, and please to leave her alone. They held a meeting for all church members to explain the situation to them. Any gamblers among us? What are the odds that they were fair to her?

  4. When we left “church” we formally requested our names be stricken from their records…a year later when they hired a new assistant we started getting form letters again. *eye roll*

    She was right to leave, no matter what the church says. And churches shouldn’t be asking people to sign crap like that anyway. Jesus doesn’t have pre-nuptial contracts!

  5. I have to say I am shocked on reading the summary of what has happened as reported by Matthew Paul Turner on two counts, first in Karen leaving the church and therefore it not being the place for anyone there to do so, second that the purpose of any discipline is that “what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed”, third that giving out personal details of why they have come to their decision about Jordan and Karen seems to me to be tantamount to gossip.

    The church asked for forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean acting as if things are OK when they are not. Forgiveness is not about making guilty parties feel comfortable, it is conducive to them feeling shame at misconduct and healing for the one that has been wronged.

    In the church I left – I was wronged, with “discipline”. Practicing forgiveness has meant I don’t carry bitterness and resentment for what happened but am free from that. Would I go back – hell no! I would support Karen’s freedom to choice to leave and not feel guilty or shame about her choice.

  6. The Village apologists are out there jumping up and down insisting that Karen is angry and bitter and RUSHED to annul her marriage witch is why she’s under church discipline.
    If I found out my husband was a pedophile watching child pornography and had married married me as, essentially, a cover, I’d be at that courthouse with a lawyer so fast there would be a sonic boom.
    But this church would have her try to work things out with him. Because….uh…..covenant.
    She made the right choice – get as far away from these nuts as possible. And consider hiring an attorney.

  7. Over and over we see arrogant, controlling ‘leaders’ beating their members to a pulp in order to maintain the reputation and prestige of the ‘church’. Only trouble is, this is not the church Jesus said he would build, it’s simply empire building – and it stinks!

  8. and it should be stated that his addiction to CHILD PORN had been going on for years. Cyber adultery, not to mention CHILD PORN. If they were gonna be bibblical about it, isn’t there a Levitical law for stoning a man who has relations with a CHILD?!

  9. Absolutely NP and bea
    TVC’s defence team seem to regard the courage to change your mind as something utterly heinous!
    I think she’s embracing the intrinsic principle of Isaiah 43 – forget the former things and make something new!

  10. The “apology” is a glimmer of hope…but the cynical part of me thinks it is more parts PR than apology. Their specific “apology” in the letter cities not having been prepared to give Karen a practical theology lesson:

    “Specifically, as it pertains to her desire for an annulment, we know that it would have served her better to have a clearer understanding from us as to what we do and do not consider biblical grounds for divorce or what we understand the Scriptures to define as divorce. In hindsight, we wish that we would have provided clarity to Karen in an immediate fashion and are saddened by our unpreparedness.”

    I do grant they talk of wrongly failing to be sensitive to the people involved over prioritizing their processes. However, I notice the absence of support for Karen in her decision to annul her marriage. It seems more like they regret not convincing her otherwise when they had the chance as I read the above quote. But it is a start…maybe someday they will cover the rest of the ground.

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