Money is Spiritual: “The Spiritual Power of Money”

The Spiritual Power of Money

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Some have asked me why I say “money is spiritual”.

Let me explain.

When Jesus said, “You cannot serve both God and Mammon”, he claimed that money (Mammon) can have the same spiritual power over our lives as God.

God is just a word expressing an idea that attempts to convey a truth about reality.

The same is true of money. It’s just a word expressing an idea that attempts to a convey truth about reality.

The word God in and of itself has no spiritual power. The word money in itself has no spiritual power.

However, if we assign power to the idea, either negative or positive, if we believe or doubt our thoughts about God, then indeed it takes on incredible power. If we believe our thoughts or doubts about money, then indeed it too takes on incredible power.

Like people who are slaves to their idea of God, I’ve seen people who are slaves to their idea of money. Their whole lives depend on money, orbit around money, and find meaning in money.

But I’ve also seen people who hate the idea of God and are just as enslaved by it in their response to the idea. The same with people and money: I’ve seen some people with such unhealthy attitudes about the idea of money that they are constantly fighting against it in their lives, chafing against the chains money binds them with.

A father constantly struggles with not having enough money and lives in perpetual resentment, bitterness, anger, and poverty. His son therefore vows that’ll never be him and prioritizes money in his life, enslaving himself to the pursuit of it.

Both are slaves to money… one in their lack and the other in their abundance.

Money will enslave anyone whether they love it or not, this one by making him beg, the other by making him toil. Money rules both their lives, but because money is not a compassionate god, it ruins them also.

Is there a person of whom you can say, “Money is his god!”? I can. One rich and one struggling. Both obsess about money constantly.

This is what I mean by money is spiritual.

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8 Replies to “Money is Spiritual: “The Spiritual Power of Money””

  1. But it’s not really the money. It’s the things money buys. Isn’t that an important distinction? We can be materialistic without really thinking obssessively about money. We get our precious stuff, then go on and on never being satisfied. It’s a stuffing so many of us put in the hole that is meant to be filled with God’s love (?)

    Money was never God’s plan – sharing was. And delight, discovery, creativity and, and…chocolate! I’m sure that was intentional.

  2. I think it can absolutely be about money and not about things – watching those numbers in my 401k go up doesn’t make me think about cars or boats or houses, but it gives me a sort of addictive “high” by the inherent value and meaning I place on it. This is a struggle area for me to be sure, and I wrestle with an inherited and learned sense of scarcity.

  3. Hi Lynn. I’m not sure why “money is never God’s plan”. For me, that would be like saying, “Bread was never God’s plan.” It’s just an object we use in exchange for something else. Thanks for your comment.

  4. David, I meant it wasn’t God’s plan that we would need gold to buy and sell necessities to be alive. I guess we need it now to stay alive…maybe. Sad.

    Why do we want to amass wealth to the point of largesse and then just sit on it, watching it grow?

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