money, women and guns

money women and guns cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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I originally wasn’t going to do a cartoon about this story. But I couldn’t remain silent anymore.

Ezekiel Gilbert was acquitted of murdering a woman who wouldn’t have sex with him.

In Texas you can kill a person for stealing from you during the night. He claims he shot her, a Craigslist escort, because she wouldn’t return the $150 after refusing to have sex with him.

Wouldn’t Kafka nod his head knowingly? The law won and justice lost. The law laughs at us. Life has been reduced to sex and money. And for Lenora Ivie Frago, life has been reduced to zero. On the one hand, is this a sick joke? On the other hand, is this symptomatic of a male-dominated culture obsessed with money, sex and power?

There seems to be a symbiotic relationship between our increased awareness of violence against women and the escalation of violence against them, now condoned by law.

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6 Replies to “money, women and guns”

  1. WTF!!! I read that story and, and, and…I can’t even put words together. How such a blatant miscarriage of justice can happen is beyond belief. What really frosts my backside is that much of the church is so concerned with whom marries whom, or whom is sleeping with whom, or what kind of language people use or what they eat and drink that the systemic injustices are allowed to run past with nary a blink.

  2. Despite a lot of progress in the condoning of violence against women, there remains a situation similar to cancer and its insidious nature to linger and reappear at any point in life. That nature is aided and abetted by slick lawyers who can manipulate laws and turn the end result of court cases into a state of INJUSTICE.

    It is difficult to believe there will ever be a total justice system, due to the factors of present day reality you have mentioned, DAVE . I suspect we both know that.

    This is not to lose hope, but hope must be implemented with the right action. This action does not include the legal representatives we have sent to government, as money, power and politics are feeders of the cancerous growth and its reappearance so blatantly clear to us.

    Mayhap , only a plight similar to effects of the FLOOD, will be the only answer to the state in which WE have placed ourselves.

    THEN WHAT ? A period of reasonable regrouping, followed by what we did not learn from the FLOOD ??? I dunno ! Anybody ??

    This concludes for the time being, a rave for which I am noted.

  3. Right now the best answer we have is to get these stories out there, into the public for as many people as possible to see. Laws really mean nothing, revealing injustice to the masses does work over time, history proves that, its just much to slow for folks like you and me. Social media, the internet,can be used to keep the pressure up. Changing hardend hearts, to ones that can love, is not an easy task.

  4. that’s certainly part of my project… getting it out there. as we can see from some comments, some people weren’t even aware of this tragedy.

  5. That in Texas you can legally kill someone for stealing from you is appalling in itself. But in this case, as I understand it, Ms. Frago’s refusal to have sex with her killer could not legally be theft, as Texas law makes buying or selling sex illegal: Gilbert paid for her time. The verdict can only be understood as expressing complete contempt for women, sex workers, or both.

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