my Black Lives Matter cartoon

"Black Sheep Matter" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Black Sheep Matter” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


Welcome to “Sheep Week”. Something I do every summer when I go on vacation.

The point of this cartoon? We have a racism problem!

Racism isn’t getting worse. But it is getting exposed. And things will get worse unless we address this fundamental issue that resides in our hearts.

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22 Replies to “my Black Lives Matter cartoon”

  1. Cops are literally getting killed because of this kind of irresponsible characterizations day in and day out. What we have much more in the USA is a THUG problem. Of course there is racism. And the worst kind are those who claim racism every time a thug gets shot and stirs up the hysteria and our heroes in blue become walking targets. Our own President painted the bull’s eye on the cops backs when he went and announced a police problem prior to having any facts whatsoever. And the facts are coming out and proving to be entirely different than what the media reports. Every bad shooting should have consequences…you bet. But 5 INNOCENT COPS lost their lives because people don’t want to even wait for facts prior to promoting this type of racists determination.

    Yeah…I’m pissed!!!! And I am fucking tired of this type of mindset putting our men and women in blue at more and more risk every day!!

  2. Gary, I’d like to understand where you’re coming from better.

    This isn’t fair of me, because I don’t know your story.

    But right now you remind me of one of the white sheep in this cartoon.

  3. Andy, I believe you give a lot more credit to David’s cartoon than is deserved.

    FBI statistics flatly deny to scenario which is repeatedly portrayed by both the media AND the black lives matter movement. The fact is cops come in good and bad variety, though I’m convinced over overwhelmingly good. But in recent years every time a police shooting takes place it is promoted as racially motivated without any review of the facts first. This is horribly irresponsible and the shootings in Dallas are evidence of such irresponsible characterizations. And in most of the shootings, the facts have been contrary to the claim on racism. Truth is plenty of police shootings involve white on white, black on white, Hispanic on black, Hispanic on white, etc. NONE of the make the headlines and are declared a racism stirring up an entire movement. The facts are, according to one recent study, that 97.5% of black murders are by black individuals. But to point out that statistic is to run the risk of being portrayed as a white sheep in David’s cartoon oppressing the black sheep. I say that bullshit. Some say black men are shot by police at a disproportionate rate compared to white men. And of course I will likely be labeled a racist for pointing out that this is due to the fact that black men commit a hugely disproportionate amount of the crime in this country. That’s not racism…that’s simple statistics. If black lives really mattered to the activists, they would work on the real problems rather than go on witch hunts every time a shooting takes place.

  4. Oh I thought I’d read somewhere that the group that gets shot and killed most frequently by police are actually white men. Does anyone have any further information on this? And if this is the truth – and since it is possible this is true, then in service to the truth this information should be investigated, and thoroughly – then why haven’t white American men started a “White Male Lives Matter” campaign a long time ago? Do people think it’s “more ok” if the people killed by police are white men? Are white male lives less worthy? Is that the message that we’re supposed to take away from this? I hope not.

  5. Youngcons … Okay, I’ll trust THAT source when it’s not biased in the first place. I’ll stick with the reminder that, if you go to Google Trends and compare #AllLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter, and #BlackLivesMatter, you’ll notice that the first two didn’t exist until BLM started being a thing. White sheep are looking for reasons to feel special and angry.

  6. Clearly Jordan…you didn’t watch the video of the young black speaker making a very reasoned and level headed argument. Which is more than I can say for your response…

    The statistics are easily verifiable. Your attempts to spin it are pathetic.

  7. Pardon me…the link I posted is not the one with the video…same individual in text. And I’m also amused Jordan…that you dismiss so carelessly the views of young conservatives. What a way to demonstrate the blind bias of so many in this “movement”.

  8. Oh and one more thing. OF COURSE the other two did not exist until AFTER black lives matter…they are in directs response to it. Their entire point is to offer response mindset exhibited in BLM.

    I mean…DUH!!!!

  9. “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
    `George Orwell

  10. The point is, you’re using data that’s slanted with a particular purpose – to demonize a group. You’re also using biased sources that have their own incredibly negative agenda against black people. From what I can gather, you’re an older white individual who believes the fear-mongering that the conservatives perpetuate.

    The cartoon here is an unfortunate truth. BlackLivesMatter supporters get kicked to the curb by people who want to continue the oppression. Christians with more nontheistic or otherwise progressive thinking are rhetorically brutalized and emotionally (and sometimes physically) abused by those who want them silenced. And your ignoring that point is quite frightening.

  11. Are good cops empowered enough to get rid of the bad cops? Are you a good cop if don’t turn in a bad cop? What’s the definition of good. One bad cop can do a lot of damage.

    Look how much damage one bad member of black lives matter did.


  12. There is racism.

    When black lives raise their voices to raise awareness and protest it, it is reacted to with denial, dismissal, dilution (with the raising of ‘we matter too’), or violence.

    That’s my take.

  13. Jordan I don’t know where you got the idea I was using Trump or his campaign as my source. My figure of blacks killed by blacks may be a little elevated according to the obviously biased source you cited in your effort to prove you don’t “doctor statistics”…but even if I used your clearly biased source coming from the opposite point of view 90% makes my point just as well.

    Yes David there is racism…but to claim it exists EVERYWHERE, even in places where it does not is itself racism. Black lives are not raising awareness…they are creating a false narrative and driving racism.

    That’s my take.

  14. Black Lives Matter is a result of the media trying to sway and distract the masses, unless the majority of blm protesters are actors then anyone who even entertains blm is a stupid sheep.

  15. The Black Lives Matter movement is a mass social engineering movement concocted by the media to try and control and distract the masses, anyone who even entertains (especially protests for) BLM is a stupid sheep.

  16. >hmmmm I want to make my side look good
    >I guess I’ll make everyone who disagrees with me numerous and violent!
    This tactic only works when the opposition is numerous and violent. A criticism of BLM would be better suited to your tactic. For the record, I support BLM and came from /pol/

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