my most popular cartoon of all time

"God's Daisy" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“God’s Daisy” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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You get it, don’t you? You’ve done the daisy thing where you pull a pedal and say “She/he loves me,” then pull another pedal and say “She/he loves me not,” etc., until you get to the last one. That’s the deciding pedal whether that person loves you or not. Well… with this one, there’s no choice. It’s decided already.

I’ve received so much feedback from people about this image. They find it encouraging. They appreciate the reminder that perhaps God, the Universe, the Higher Power, whatever… is benevolent. They like the idea that there is love to be enjoyed. There is compassion.

Anger and punishment can’t survive under these conditions.

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3 Replies to “my most popular cartoon of all time”

  1. If it were only true, but it is evidentially false — as millions and millions testify.
    But “bully for you” to those who have had a life that allows them to think so.

  2. hmmmmmm, Sabio… I would offer that millions and millions of people testify in every direction – for God, for God (maybe, if there is a God), don’t care, and anti-god a bit, and anti-god a lot. Then millions and millions testify for gods in the plural… and perhaps for the distant god or gods that abandoned us after an exhausting Big Bang.

    My present understanding of the evidences of human history shows an overwhelming number of gods being worshipped, adored, feared, or served. Even in the midst of a human history of plagues, famines, wars, and every reason to not believe in any supernatural, the wealth of gods being beseeched or sought is amazing.

    So, it is not evidentially false. Rather, the evidences of modern people-groups and ancient people-groups show a high percentage of humankind reaching for the supernatural no matter what life they have encountered.

    However, if one accepts there is a god, then what petal on the god-flower do they pull?

    – That the gods are capricious, human, and/or a bit crazy, is certainly one petal that can be pulled.

    – That the gods are demanding of the highest sacrifice and greatest purity is another petal that can be pulled.

    – That the gods don’t care is another petal that can be pulled.

    – That the gods are love is yet another petal that can be pulled.

    My observation is that those that pluck the petal of capricious gods, collapse into bargaining with the gods, then begging and then helplessness. The end is bitterness.

    Those that believe in the sacrificial and purity gods, collapse into rule keeping, legislative righteousness, slavish thinking, and venomous anger as they kill their own gay children or chant ‘holiness’ as they murder in fact or figuratively. The end is a war.

    Those that pull the petal of uncaring gods go in any direction….

    Those that pull the petal of loving gods may finally stop hating others and cease from hating their own self. They may even help the poor, the hungry, the thirsty, the prisoner, or the sick. The end is kindness.

    I would offer that it is not ‘having a life that allows us to think so’…. rather, it is this: ‘god is love and loves me’ is the only palatable petal of theology (ancient or modern). That is, the only thing worth hoping in, is ‘god is love’. The only petal that can end bitterness is ‘god is love’. The only petal that forces one to consider peace with enemies is ‘god is love’. The only petal that stops hate is ‘god is love’.

    All the other possible petals are ultimately poison.

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