4 Replies to “Narcissistic Leaders Even Use God for Their Purposes”

  1. i ran into a few narcs in my day and even had a few narc preachers in my family ,i hated their attitude and they always preached u cant hate anyone ,my opinion if a preacher is a narcs get up and walk out

  2. Our church is currently heavily suffering. Our pastor seems to believe that he (and only he) has the ability to hear and discern what God wants for our church. So many of us are heartbroken and displaced. We don’t know what to do, we’re following through with the polity of our national church, but it only gets you so far. The reality is that the polity is written in such a way that it protects the pastor and not the congregation. Almost every single cartoon you publish gets a nod and a sigh from me. It’s like you’re spying on our congregation every day. 🙁

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