New Image of Christ cartoon “Safety”

"Safety" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Safety” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


No, just wearing the safety pin is not enough. Even though it stands for signaling that the wearer is an advocate and a safe person for the vulnerable, action is required.

The safety pin can’t just represent a fad or an attitude. It must represent the active expression of justice for all.

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11 Replies to “New Image of Christ cartoon “Safety””

  1. This is the Jesus that I believe in, and pray to.

    I am still in mourning that my sons and daughter will have choices to make – do they attend a church that is open to Jesus the Safe? or open only to Jesus the anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, anti-gentleness, anti-kindness, pro-sexualizing of women…..

    Too many believers helped, hinted, and prodded that Trump was the one to follow, to emulate, to become, or to elect despite his anti-Christ behavior….

    They see a very different ‘Jesus’ than I see…

    And I would never have become a Christian, if these ‘Christians’ existed in my youthful days.

  2. Caryn, I don’t think it is ok to say “sons and daughters” anymore. That is sexist or maybe non-gender-fluid. You should know. We are supposed to call them “friends” and “comrades” now.

  3. Maybe it was better when we just sad “man” and “mankind” and that included every human being. Maybe it was more inclusive than it first looked. Never mind all of that, at least we know that Jesus calls us friends. That is unless they are Trump supporters, then they are not friends… In that case they are “deplorables”…

    I just read in the National Post, that 3 levels of Canadian government contributed about 500 k dollars to the Toronto gay pride parade, but the parade is now sueing some leaflet distributers for 100 million dollar damages. This while Black Lives forced the parade to a standstill by a sit-in demanding that no gay policemen should in future be allowed to ride a float.

    You know what, Donald Trump, with all his glaring faults, was elected in lawful fashion by the free American people, for some reasons. One could spare a moment to consider them.

  4. Brigitte: it is always good to spare a moment to consider why Trump was elected.

    My concern is not his election’s lawfulness. After all, he is now my President-elect, and future Commander-in-Chief of the military.

    My concern was the decision of many believer-leaders in some American church institutions to openly declare that ethics, Christian-character, and the like, did not apply to the office of the President.

    This ‘split-reasoning’ sends a message to our youth that Christian morals and norms do not matter within a Public Office…. but do matter to lesser people.

    It is a most curious change in Evangelicalism in the United States. A type of highly pragmatic approach that now allows one group of people to be Biblically immoral … yet given endorsement and power and blessing by American Christians.

  5. Why will you not admit the ethical concerns on the other side? You see 50 percent of the people were just as concerned with them. It is hypocritical to sweep it under the carpet. And the turn your finger on everybody else.

  6. The ethical concerns of the American church-people that openly endorsed Trump for President are as follows:
    1. The verses of the Bible do not apply to the President;
    2. Any means to gaining a foothold against LGBT and abortion is allowed (that is, the end justifies the means).

    It is not hypocritical to have discussion, my friend. No need to jump to conclusion. Rather than attack, present your counter-view.

    Now then, what are the ethical concerns of the Canadian Orthodox movement, that you tend to represent? Why would your tribe celebrate a Trump victory, may I ask?

  7. The Canadian orthodox tribe movement. Wow. What could it represent. What are its machinations. How is it working to overthrow the Trudeau government. The Trudeau government is wasting so much money, and so quickly running the economy into the ground, that they dig their own graves.

    Whatever happens, it seems we are not going to have a discussion of Clintonian Washington, the machinery, the millions, the links to Saudi Arabia, etc., etc., etc. It also has dug its own grave. For the sake of democracy, I hope they can come up with new liberal leadership and a sane approach.

  8. You have said several times, Caryn, that “church people” have said that normal ethical standards don’t apply to the Pesident. Can you specify who said what ethical standards don’t apply to the President? I know people were desperate to escape from the domination of LGBT, etc. Agenda. For me, Obama will remain in my mind the one who legislated to all the schools that any biological male should be permitted in any girls’ facilities. For such a seemingly nice man, it seemed the height of legislative foolishness and all the so-called progress run to its final absurd end. You might not understand it Caryn, but for a biological female this is pretty much assault, and for most parents, too. It would allow a croch-grabbing, stupid male like Trump walk right in, no matter what anybody says, as he did walk in on the contestants that were in their change rooms. It is hardly any different. Only Trump is out of line, but any other guy would practically be allowed. I was honestly so absorbed by this scenario, that I have looked doubly over my shoulders where-ever I have had to use a washroom, since then. I am an old woman now, well almost–but what about girls? I could not believe the audacity. And you are surprised some people would vote practically for anybody, just not to have that sort of thing happen to their kids, in their schools? Every she-momma-bear and he-bear will show their teeth. This has nothing to do with the mythical “tribalism”.

  9. Brigitte: I was offering you a moment to enter into the discussion, that was all.

    I hear your fears.

    In some strange way, I was hoping to hear Christ in your words. His graciousness, his love, and his desire to reach the outsiders. His kindness, and his gentleness.

    After all, the American Evangelicals had failed miserably.

    You’ve actually answered my questions…. about the Christ in the Orthodox world…. sadly.

    Sincerely; Caryn

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