Not Going in There with All Those Homosexuals!

"Not Going in There" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Not Going in There” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


May not believe in a literal heaven with pearly gates and St. Peter standing guard.

But the cartoon is funny and I think poignant.

It makes the point that when you think you’re in there’s a chance you could be out, and when you think you’re out there’s a chance you could be in.

Excluding others may actually mean excluding yourself.

That’s biblical.

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5 Replies to “Not Going in There with All Those Homosexuals!”

  1. I was speaking with my fundalmentalist older sister and said, “We can agree to disagree,” she replied, “No, we can’t.” I said “I love you sis, hope you have a good day, I have to go now” and got off of the telephone. There is freedom in setting boundaries. I am FINALLY at the place where I do not require her approval. In December I wrote her name beautifully on a river stone I had carried with me from CA to Florida, held it up in my hands, released her to the God of her understanding and cut the ties. Since then, things have been better but I still need to exercise caution. Thank you for your profound art! It brings a smile to my face & heart and I share it (giving you credit, of course) with select friends.

  2. After releasing her I dropped the rock into the ocean 🙂 I am a recovering Nazarene, lol. 16 years of Bible quizzing, indoctrination…at that time they believed the “sin nature” could be removed by a second work of grace called santification. Talk about setting one up for failure. My journey has been circuitous and the older I become, the less I know. For me, that is a good place in which to be. BTW, I adore the painting of yours that I purchased, it brings me joy.

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