Our Beliefs Only Seem to Divide Us

"Ball and Chain" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Ball and Chain” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


Here’s a section from my essay, The Z-Theory:

Reality is one.

One reality emanates from one source. Only apprehensions, articulations, and applications are many.

Perceptions of reality are many.

Words articulating perceptions are even more numerous.

Revelations are new. Truth is timeless and unchanging.

Reality remains one as the infinite source unfolds out as the universe and everything in it, dispensing its plenitude upon all things.

Since reality is one, it is only languages that are many. What seems to separate is language, not reality itself. Words, expressing beliefs as well as other attempts to apprehend and articulate, appear different and separate. But this is all they are: words… different fragmentary descriptors of the one thing.

Therefore, the diversity of world-views and words as legitimate attempts to understand and articulate reality is acknowledged and respected.

All religions, theologies, and philosophies, both personal and corporate, casual and organized, have the right to exist.

Therefore, the value of language is not dismissed. Every attempt to understand reality and every attempt to articulate it has value.

Their level of value depends on how language and actions collaborate with the unfolding nature of reality, that is the unfolding, subsummation, and reconciliation of all things.

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3 Replies to “Our Beliefs Only Seem to Divide Us”

  1. OK so the level of value for every attempt is dependent on how there is collaboration with (the unfolding of) reality.

    Therefore where there is low value there is a seeming division, where there is high value, seeming unity.

  2. I read an interesting take on belief as something you want to be true, versus faith as trusting the truth to unfold no matter what your belief is. I think most conflict around “defending” one’s belief is rooted in fear. And I think even the Bible points out that fear is the opposite of love in that perfect love casts out all fear. This idea that I possess “The Truth” and I need to defend it is really a belief in one’s own ability to understand a extremely simplified explanation of our perception of reality that may or may not have any basis in truth at all. And even the idea that some book could contain ultimate truth is really the worship of images or idolatry in Christianese.

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