I want to thank each and every person who supports what I do financially! I do not take it for granted and appreciate it. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! You’re helping me do what I do, and to do it better.

Here’s a list of all the patrons of nakedpastor who were willing to have their names listed. You can be one too! Go HERE!

  1. Sean Dennison
  2. Justin Dean Vollmar
  3. Christopher Curzon
  4. Daniel Grebow
  5. Sarah Brown
  6. Donna Kopp
  7. Rhonda Sayers
  8. David Waters
  9. Andreas Holmgren
  10. Stephen Leonard
  11. Douglas Mullin
  12. Stephanie Evans
  13. Geraint Rees
  14. Piet de Groot
  15. Peter Hurley