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And Then You Left Us Original Watercolor Painting

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If you have lost someone close to you, "And Then You Left Us" is for you. 

This original watercolor painting is a one-of-a-kind.

This painting if full of emotion for me. It represents the loss of someone we love. I realize this painting can be interpreted a couple of ways. 

One is that we've lost a person... somehow... either physically or emotionally or socially or some other way. I'm thinking of the loss of my brother Mark... he left us in 2016 and we were left behind.

Or it's that we have lost a group of people... somehow... and we are feeling left alone. I'm thinking of all the people I've lost since I made the decision to live authentically.

How do you interpret it? 

Hang this original artwork up to comfort you and remind you of your lost loved one. 

- Watercolor painting on heavy, high-quality art paper Arches watercolor paper.
- It measures approximately 20"x30" with enough room for matting and framing.
- Not matted and framed, I suggest white double matte with a black or dark brown frame.
- Each original comes with a letter of authenticity signed by me.

I retain the copyright to all my images.

This is a one-of-a-kind NakedPastor original watercolor painting. In a world where there aren’t many things that have not been mass-produced, duplicated, or copied, it’s good to remember that, at some point, there was always an original – an alpha. It was created with love and care.