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Black Lives Matter Print

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I’m a firm believer in the idea that questions are the answer. And this cartoon poses an important one. Would Jesus have supported the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement? Do you?

Here we see Jesus holding a Black Lives Matter (BLM) placard, and wearing a BLM facemask. It was drawn during the birth of the global BLM movement, which emerged more visibly in America in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. I guess you could say it’s symbolic of a crazy, tumultuous time in history – one that tore many people apart. The point of this cartoon is to illustrate the fact that Jesus would likely have supported any movement that was against the loss of lives, regardless of which race the movement was for. I also like to remind us that Jesus was not white but a Person of Color. Of course, he would have marched.

Hang this on your wall as a reminder of a time in history that made us question who we are and what we stand for.

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