Don't Be a Dick Original Cartoon Drawing

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"Don't Be a Dick!"

I'm serious when I draw things like this. I know they're meant to shock us and make us think differently. But why?

Because I believe the greatest value religion offers is to make us better people. Not worse ones. But it seems to me religion is used by so many people to give them permission to be unbearably bad people. When it comes right down to it, what matters most is that you're a good person.

I imagine this hanging somewhere that reminds people who see it... just don't be a dick! LOL. At least it should raise some eyebrows and maybe start a conversation.

This is the original in pen and ink on paper. This original comes with a letter of authenticity.

Image size: 8"x8"

It is not matted and framed.

I retain the copyright to all my images... @nakedpastor