Keep Hate on a Leash Original Cartoon Drawing

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Keep Hate on a Leash!

Have you ever been walking your sweet innocent little puppy and all of a sudden out of nowhere another dog or more attacks it?

I have!

Sometimes these dogs are unleashed and sometimes they are but escape the grasp of their owner.

It’s absolutely traumatizing… to the owner and the dog.

It’s very triggering so that now you’re nervous to go to a dog park or even see another dog with or without an owner with or without a leash approaching you. 

If you’ve never experienced it, just google it and watch a few videos. There are tons out there with the prevalence of surveillance now. They’re horrifying to watch.

I saw one such video yesterday.

Immediately I thought of my LGBTQIA+ friends who feel the same way when they are attacked. I can only imagine what it must be like to get up every morning and have to face a world in which they never know if the next person they meet, the next comment they get, the next message they receive, is going to be vicious or not. Never sure if they’re going to be the next victim of hate… ideologically, verbally, socially, physically.

They say you shouldn’t blame the dog but the owner. The dog’s been conditioned to be this way, either through a lack of training or because of training. 

It’s the same with people and their aggression against LGBTQIA people. They’ve been trained. They’ve been conditioned to feel and think and speak and act this way. Like untrained dogs or trained dogs.

My hope is that more and more people will rise to overcome their conditioning and instead learn to love and become gentle.

Are you with me?

This is the original of one of my cartoons in pen, ink, and pencil on paper. This original comes with a letter of authenticity.

It is signed by me, the artist.

Image size: approximately 8"x8"

It is not matted and framed.

I retain the copyright to all my images... @nakedpastor