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Sophia Study Digital Download

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Why read the Bible when you can read 50 Shades?

Just kidding. But seriously, you should be free to read what you like, including the Bible and 50 Shades.

Years ago, I would sneak out of my country parish to hide out and read books at a nearby university library. I would read books by all kinds of theologians, Buddhists, scientists, and spiritual and philosophical teachers, all the while taking notes in my journal.

When a senior pastor found me reading non-Christian books, I felt ashamed and judged. But my hunger for truth was stronger than my hunger for approval. I kept reading.

Hang Sophia Study as a reminder to keep reading, researching, thinking, questioning, meditating, contemplating, journaling, and searching. One day, the peace of mind you crave will come.

Watch this video for more on how my Sophia series started.