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My Past and My Present Are One Original Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

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My Past and My Present Are One

Many people have expressed their love of my watercolours, but wish I could make some canvases too. I have made canvas paintings... but this one is very much in the style of my watercolour paintings. It is acrylic and ink on raw canvas. 

I think one of the signs of spiritual maturity is when we learn not to reject our former life but integrate it.

This original painting invites you to become individuated... one... whole... healed... by integrating all the parts that make you.

You wouldn't be who you are now unless you were who you were then.

- Acrylic and ink painting on canvas.
- It measures approximately 8"x24"x1" with the canvas wrapped around the back and the sides painted so it's ready to hang or you can frame it if you wish.
- Each original comes with a letter of authenticity signed by me.

I retain the copyright to all my images.

This is a one-of-a-kind NakedPastor original painting. In a world where there aren’t many things that have not been mass-produced, duplicated, or copied, it’s good to remember that, at some point, there was always an original – an alpha. It was created with love and care.

Customer Reviews

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Marla Rotman
Hope for the hopeless.

This art piece speaks so much hope, reminding me that life finds a way to recover from trauma, even if it looks differently than before. Thank you for being an artist that speaks hope and life.