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Something Like A Memory Original Watercolor Painting

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This painting captures the mystery and peacefulness of family memories. 

The title came from the ethereal appearance of the figures in the painting. They are almost like mist... the mist of memory. Is this a single parent courageously in her solitude taking her kids through a difficult and treacherous time? Is this a leisurely stroll through their favorite place in nature? In any case, it certainly does speak to me about the beauty of solitude and love and how all of us in this universe and nature are connected.

I live in eastern Canada. I'm fascinated by the complex but minimal simplicity of the geography that surrounds me. I endeavor to capture its essence in my work. There is something mystical, contemplative, and spiritual in my art... because there is in the place where I live.

Hang this up in honor of snowy family memories. 

- Watercolor painting on heavy, high-quality art paper Arches watercolor paper.
- It measures approximately 22"x22" with enough room for matting and framing.
- Not matted and framed, I suggest white double matte with a black or dark brown frame.
- Each original comes with a letter of authenticity signed by me.

I retain the copyright to all my images.

This is a one-of-a-kind NakedPastor original watercolor painting. In a world where there aren’t many things that have not been mass-produced, duplicated, or copied, it’s good to remember that, at some point, there was always an original – an alpha. It was created with love and care.