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We'll Just Have to Love from Afar Original Watercolor Painting

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"We'll Just Have to Love from Afar"

I saw this in my mind recently and needed to paint it. It evoked a lot of emotion in me. I think of so many people in the world who love someone and they fear they'll never ever see them again. But I also think of you and me... when we have someone to love who is with us or near, and we just can't seem to connect on a deep level. There are times, maybe even seasons, when we agree to love each other, even if it feels distant at the moment. Hopefully for both of these stories, we will truly love up close again.

This is a watercolor and ink painting on heavy, high quality watercolor paper.

It measures approximately 8"x10" with a white border for matting and framing.

I live in eastern Canada. I'm fascinated by the complex but minimal simplicity of the geography that surrounds me. I endeavor to capture its essence in my work. There is something mystical, contemplative, and spiritual in my art... because there is in the place where I live.

Not matted and framed. I suggest white double matte with a black frame.

This original comes with a letter of authenticity

I retain the copyright to all my images.