questions, infidelity and torrid affairs

"Fooling Around with Questions" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Fooling Around with Questions” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


I remember flirting with the question.

Then we secretly fell in love.

We had an affair.

In the eyes of many I became an infidel.

I eventually left my certainty.

Now I’m in a long term relationship with the question.

It raises a lot of eyebrows.

But we’re happy.

I’ve even written a torrid book about this affair.

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10 Replies to “questions, infidelity and torrid affairs”

  1. That is funny.
    I must say, you make the sexiest question marks!
    I must say, though, the question marks that first showed up when I was a Christian scared the hell out of me. [intentional bivalent phrasing].

    5 years ago I did this traffic light illustration on how I view beliefs — making things a bit more complicated than ! vs ? — though I always love your ? cartoons, of course.

    Also, here is a post of the first two scary doubts that rocked my Christianity.

  2. Hi Sabio: I enjoyed your traffic light concept… but was unable to reach your post on ‘scary doubts’.

    David: cracked me up!

    And you are right in the sense that it takes time to ‘tell people about us’… many believers are not comfortable with questions… and the church institution in my experience does not encourage questions.

    Certainty is worshipped… perhaps more than Jesus.

  3. David I believe this may be my new all time favorite. So much resonates with me in this simple cartoon.

    Of course in my fundamental church background questions were undoubtedly looked upon as very dangerous animals indeed. Questions can lead to doubt…a sure sign of a backslidden Christian. The only questions that were acceptable came from a carefully constructed list and ALWAYS included the acceptable answers. To question outside of the mind controlled environment was simply a direct challenge to God.

    I can see why the fear of questions is so real in many churches. If one forms a relationship with “the question” they might become like metastasized cancer and spread throughout the body. Your portrayal of an intimate relationship is perfect. Bra and panties on the floor signify the kind of passion that is so sought after and satisfying by the lovers that they can’t wait to re-consummate their illegitimate relationship. No longer just glances and innuendo…they now are fully partaking of the heady elixir of their relationship. Planned encounters in a hotel room of secrecy is such a perfect analogy of my early days of my torrid affair with my own questions. I knew full well the judgment and condemnation my affair would bring if it was found out. In my churches…an actual extramarital affair was more forgivable than this.

    Caryn, your statement that “certainty is worshiped perhaps more than Jesus” is profound.

    Love it!!

  4. I’m just wondering who in the cartoon wore the panties, heels and bra.

    Obviously they wouldn’t have fitted the question so was the guy a transvestite? 😉

  5. Hehe Caryn,

    I like Gary’s sharing above. I guess it just shows how our experiences are different.

    I hat to think a wee while before talking about this. I can see how the cartoon can connect with personal spiritual journeys for one or tow of us. But for me my church experience started later in life and I was always questioning elders in the first church I went to. After a couple of years of that I decided to go to theological college where there were challenges to my thinking all the time and questions could be explored in a supportive environment among 23 different nationalities, different denmoniations and where no-one could be precious about the views the hold to and not be challenged by differing theologies and ideologies.

    I used to love the discussion and debate in the common room conversations between lectures.

    Looking back on my time in that first church, I am actually wondering who had it more challenging – me in coming in and adapting to what to me seemed some strange ideas or the shock to the system it was for a those that were comfortable with the church environment.

    I remember going to this church, a conservative church not knowing what the protocol was. Men were dressed in suits, many of the ladies wore hats. I turned up on my black motorcycle, with a black leather jacket and trousers. The welcoming elder at the door shook my hand, handed me a hymn book and said it was good to see me. But I could see by the trembling look in his eyes that the poor guy was terrified.

    At my baptism the elder talking about me said when I first came to the church, it was like a spaceman had come through the door.

    So I guess – going by that and other comments I have received, its not unusual for it to be perceived as me being “out there” lol.

    I like to think it makes me interesting 😉

  6. And what about the panties?

    How does the gentleman perform sexually with the question?

    Perhaps a lot of oral going on?

    Is is there that has the questions and he the certainty with the reassuring arm?

    And what is the bill for – what services have been rendered?

    The glasses are there but where’s the Champagne?

    Oh its so confusing 😉

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