7 Replies to “RefuJesus T-Shirt”

  1. Saudi Arabia, for example, does not take refugees, and if Arabs of different bloodlines want to marry there, it is not permitted, etc., etc. It is an endless saga of how Arabs don’t look after other Arabs, how Shia and Sunni have been sworn enemies from the beginning of the faith, etc., etc. This has been going on for centuries. They could try talking about it honestly.

  2. Refugees are usually a minority of some sort unless they are simply displaced by an unusual war. Some wars seem to be permanent, like Shia against Sunni, and subjugation of Christians in Muslim-law dominated lands. These wars are ideologically based,l and have to be attacked, at some point, ALSO ideologically. We can’t just tip-toe around that part.

  3. Why are all Muslims commanded to make a trip to the holy Mecca, if at all possible, but none can take refuge there? What is that?

  4. and what is that to you? pointing out short-comings of Saudi Arabia and its failure to love its own has nothing to do with our calling. we follow Christ. He calls us to love our enemies. from the Hebrew Covenant through Hebrews, God clearly calls us to take care of foreigners and entertain strangers.

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