Sophia Canoe: Allow Yourself to Appreciate New Things

Sophia "Canoe" drawing by nakedpastor David Hayward
Sophia “Canoe” drawing by nakedpastor David Hayward


Sophia “CANOE”:

In my escape from my imprisonment, I came across this abandoned canoe. So I took it. I took advantage of it. I used it.

It was there and I let it help me.

I let it assist me on my journey.

Something that I’ve learned along the way is this:
it is important, wise, and frugal to take advantage of anything
that presents itself as help.
I’ve learned to make use of whatever is available to assist.
And my help came from very unexpected places.

Before, what I could use on my journey was very particular.

There were rules.

But when I escaped it was from those I escaped. There’s nothing wrong with tradition. In fact, I appreciate tradition. I have found much tradition very rich and meaningful. However, when tradition becomes the prevention of freedom, another cell, then it has misused its power. Like an overbearing mother.

Anchors are good unless you want to sail.

So I have found help in all kinds of other places that weren’t allowed or even considered before. Sometimes I use them by stealth. Other times I use them openly.

I found myself reading, listening to, enjoying, consuming, partaking, attending… things I would have never even considered before or ever been caught using. Now there is no one looking over my shoulder judging me for what I use to help me on my journey. I’m free to use any resource that makes itself available to me.

If it’s useful then I will use it.

If it’s going to help me grow, mature, become wise, travel well, and be free, then I will use it.

Like this canoe.

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6 Replies to “Sophia Canoe: Allow Yourself to Appreciate New Things”

  1. “… misused its power. Like an overbearing mother.”

    Perhaps this is an appropriate time now to discuss unhelpful expectations placed on boys?

    Just a suggestion.

  2. I’m curious about the thin whit line under the moon. Is that a sailboat in the distance? Or some kind of beacon? Also Sophia is not using the paddle. Where is she going?

  3. You can barely see the roof of a cabin with smoke coming up out of the chimney. She’s just pushed off and is heading towards getting the paddle that is resting in the front. She’s going towards her liberation.

  4. David,

    I am passionate about having solidarity with the disenfranchised and oppressed and speaking the truth to power whatever gender, race, religion (including absence of religion), (did)ability) etc.

    It might appear that I am passionate about unhelpful expectations placed on boys but if this is not discussed then what place is there for equality, tolerance and diversity? There’s a risk of alienating people that might otherwise have energy for being advocates for women through needing to use that energy in defence and asserting of their own rights.

    One thing I have learned in my allowing myself “to appreciate new things” is that if I don’t have compassion for myself and take care of my needs then I don’t have the ability to give compassion to others in their needs.
    That might sound selfish to some and in a way it is but can only love others as I love myself.

    I am sure that there will be others that may perceive this kind of expression or similar as “patriarchy” and oppressive to women. But I think to do so is mistaken and to make things worse for women as well as men, and therefore misogynous as well as misandrous.

    Thanks for allowing me the space to vent.

  5. I see all of that now. I like this drawing very much. Sophia has a spot in all our hearts. For this one it helps that I am very much into water and boats. It might be interesting to see a followup on what she finds when approaching, and then entering that cabin. If indeed it is her destination.

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