suffering with others all the way

Daniel L. Migliore, in his insightful (and hard to find) book, Pastor as Prophet, writes:

The passion of God not only motivates us to eliminate whatever suffering can be eliminated; it also empowers us to accompany our brothers and sisters into regions of darkness where suffering can no longer be eliminated; it enables and invites us to share suffering where efforts to overcome it prove futile; it frees us to continue a ministry of compassion and shared grief at the point where those who are guided by criteria of utitlity and success cease their efforts.

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2 Replies to “suffering with others all the way”

  1. Having just come through a period of down time,( not what I could truthfullly call suffering), but difficult nonetheless……….I had a thought. While I still believe its possible, the Big Rescues dont often happen. I may want my trouble to magically disappear, but its the “by the grace of God journey through” along with the kindnesses of others that gave the whole event meaning.

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