10 Replies to “t-shirt: Church Growth Aid”

  1. Often, church is so boring that it feels like the other place. Besides, that sentiment contradicts Christian theology, being inside a particular building at a particular time wouldn’t save you from hell, at least according to theology.

  2. I’m afraid the tee-shirt says it all David. When Christian Conservatism or Fundamentalism is reduced to its bare bones this is the message subliminally sent out. My faith flavor, Christian mysticism thankfully dwells on experience of Yeshua and Spirit rather than exclusion zones. It recommend it for all those who can’t take such sentiments any longer.

  3. I actually think these would sell massively in fundy circles. You could do a whole range of them according to whatever particular churches consider to be imperatives. For example, for Mark Driscoll it could be, ‘Give Head Or Go To Hell’.

  4. My wife saw a church billboard a few weeks ago that essentially meant the same thing as your sketch here. The sign read, “Why don’t those who hate church so much go where there are none?” This was an SBC church in south Alabama. Couldn’t believe it! Too bad folks are like that.

  5. Something to add, the sentiment the shirt represents shows how little the church understands their “target market” because of how tightly they’re wound up in their own mindset, many churches perform so much intellectual incest that they don’t see how their viewpoints are malformed. If you’re trying to win the hearts of the unchurched, then many of the marketing tactics achieve the exact opposite of what they want. Variations of Pascal’s wager are overused and completely ineffective, and you really don’t want the kind of person that’s influenced by such an argument.

  6. I grew up pre-vatican II RC. Missing mass was an automatic ticket to hell. We were also taught, at 6 yrs old, by the nuns who were teaching us catechism, that our parents were going to hell for allowing us to go to public school.

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