15 Replies to “t-shirt idea: atheish”

  1. Superb, David !!

    We are all a mix of jumbled beliefs. We all flip around between different inner selves depending on our surroundings. None of us are solid.

    Having lived in Asia for 12 years, it was not until I came back to the USA that people again let me know I was an Atheist. In Asia, my religious friends knew I did not belong to their faith but it did not matter. [Well, except when I was in Pakistan.]

    I wrote a post called “Atheism: An epiphenomenon” where I show that “Atheism” really becomes a word because believers try to define their world by dogmas. So sure, I guess compare to them I am an “atheist” but inside, only a part of me feels “atheish” and only at certain times. This T-Shirt would be fun for those times — maybe I’d wear it on Sundays at the local coffee shop when all the proper Christians come in best dress to strut off their upright properness to each other.

    Very helpful.

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