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  1. Why do people never tire of looking for a hide-and-seek God? I finally gave up after about 50 years.

  2. David:Some are a lot worse than others.

    The theology of the cross is quite Biblical and I don’t think God has a problem with it…seeing as how He actually went to the cross.

  3. @Steve Martin

    Since theology is the study of God, our attempt to understand God, all theology comes from man– even the “theology of the cross”. I’m sure you realise that there’s not just one “theology of the cross”, right? You believe in atonement, that’s your “theology of the cross”; I (and others), on the other hand, do not believe in atonement. I’m not sure it’s as possible as you make it seem to judge whose theology is correct.

    A question for you, why do you hold such disdain for humanity? Are we not all the children of God? Are we not created Imago Dei, in the image of God?

  4. allyc,

    Your question to Steve above, reminded me of other views of humanity people get from the Bible. Some think God loves everybody; some say God hates everybody except his children.

    When you think about it-thinking God loves all and they’re all precious and in his image-then he sends most of them to hell-doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

    I don’t know what your theology is. I just wanted to mention the drastically different conclusions people come to after studying the Bible. It seems God would have made the BASICS, at least, very clear.

  5. Lynn, I’m just curious. Do you think the God of the Bible doesn’t exist because the Bible isn’t clear or that no God exists because we have no clear messages from/about Him/Her/It at all?

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