t-shirt idea i heart questions

Certitudes make the mind agree or disagree. Questions make the mind scramble.

The gospels portray Jesus as the master of the question. In a world brimming with competing certitudes it is healthy to love and to ask the question. To unsettle the mind. To break it free from its habitual false security and self-defense.

Ask the question. Ask the question that has been lying dormant under lock and key. See where it gets you.

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9 Replies to “t-shirt idea i heart questions”

  1. I heard a good quote about questioning.

    Moving from certainty, through doubt and into faith. ~ Rachel Held Evans

    Certainty does not ask questions.
    Fear tries to silence the questions.
    One question leads to another.

    Your picture reflects how I would describe my life for the past couple of years. My heart had questions that my mind had all the answers for.

  2. Wow. This t-shirt idea is *superb*. Just seeing it makes you question what it says/means, which begins the engagement. Very cool!

  3. When we give ourselves permission to ask ourselves, and God some difficult questions it’s like getting out of prison! Glad the Divine isn’t in the certainty business regarding His creatures – He’d much rather we were honest, asking the questions we’d buried under our rigid belief system. Divine Love is not disturbed by such questioning.

  4. Great t-shirt idea and I tend to agree, Jesus was the master of answering with a ‘question’…meant to make one think about their answers and not find something to be ‘spoon fed’ with.

  5. Do the people who “have all the answers” about God and the gospel even know they are just *pretending*?

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